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Michele Moreno is a joy hustler who sparks joy and creativity in others through her art and wisdom. She is a professional singer, actress, writer and coach and an award-winning songwriter and producer. She began performing at age 4 and hasn't stopped. Early in her career, she won leading roles in regional musicals, sang with indie bands throughout California and sang backup for the legendary Ray Charles and Spanish superstar Raphael.

She began her career as a writer for two of the country's leading business thought leaders, Tom Peters & Guy Kawasaki. She then worked as a creative writer and associate producer in digital media. After song-writing on the side for years, she founded Birdie's Playhouse, an award-winning kids music project, which landed a record distribution deal with Allegro's NewSoundKids.

As an actress she's appeared on TV shows Boston Legal, The Shield and Parenthood and has done voiceover for clients such as Disney Cruiselines and toymaker Playmobil. Now she's helping entrepreneurs go on camera with confidence so they can grow their income and influence.

On Camera Coaching for experts, service-providers, coaches, consultants & entrepreneurs

I’ve worked with stars like William Shatner & Michael Chicklis on TV’s hottest shows. Now I’m bringing secrets from the acting world to entrepreneurs like YOU so you can become a client magnet on video.

The key to growing your biz and brand is . . .

To create a buzz, get people interested in your service and have them see you as the trusted expert. If you want to learn how to do this in your videos, with charisma and a magnetizing message, signup for my free training: 5 Steps to On Camera Confidence. Because the world needs you and that special something that only you do. To setup a complimentary 1-hour session with me to learn more about my coaching, email mm@michelemoreno.co or go HERE.