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About Michele Moreno

I am an award-winning singer, writer, actress, producer and coach. I sang backup for the legendary Ray Charles (as the only Latina Raelette) and throughout Spain and Latin America for Spanish artist Raphael. I've sung on several film and TV scores, including an episode of HBO's Six Feet Under. As an entrepreneur, I founded the kids music project Birdie’s Playhouse -- performing for thousands of families across the West Coast and winning Parents' Choice Silver, National Association of Parenting Publications Gold and CD of the Year from Creative Child Magazine for my songwriting and producing. I have also served as Associate Producer on digital media projects throughout Los Angeles.

As an actress I've appeared on TV shows including NBC's Parenthood, ABC's Boston Legal and FX's The Shield, (career highlights include scenes with William Shatner and Michael Chiklis). I've also done voiceover for clients ranging from Disney Cruiselines to toy company Playmobil.  

I began my career with a B.A. in Modern Thought and Literature from Stanford University. After graduation I was Assistant Editor of On Achieving Excellence, a newsletter published by one of the country's most influential business gurus, Tom Peters. I also researched and wrote case studies for two international best-sellers by silicon valley entrepreneur Guy Kawasaki. One of those books, How to Drive Your Competition Crazy, was translated into 9 languages (see cover art below). Strongly influenced by these thought leaders, I developed a keen sense of business innovation and ideas.

I have also experienced my share of epic failure.

I have sung at star-studded galas, weddings, geisha clubs, veterans' parades, orphanages, prisons and rooms with 9 people (including the bartender and the band). I am a voting member of the Grammys, Latin Grammys and SAG awards.   I am the granddaughter of Mexican immigrants who walked 500 miles for a better life. I am the daughter of a man who did not see obstacles in the same way as most people. I am a wife. I am a mother. And I aim to spark joy and creativity through my wisdom and art.